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Lightning protection,

testing & maintenance

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that lightning protection systems should be tested in accordance with the relevant British Standard BS 6651:1999 or BS EN 62305 : 2008 (depending upon when the system was installed), a minimum of every

12 months. 


The building owner therefore has a responsibility to its occupants to have the system professionally maintained in order to minimise danger and these works should always be incorporated into building maintenance schedules.


SLES will automatically send reminders when our own systems require testing but we are equally happy to provide advice on testing and maintenance for all types of existing systems.   

Electrical earthing

S.L.E.S has numerous experience providing 1 ohm earths in all types of challenging ground conditions around the UK and abroad including chalk, rock and sand.  Our engineers are always keen to come up with innovative design solutions.

Lightning protection

& installation

All SLES operatives are trained in BS EN 62305 to ensure all recommended installations are designed in accordance with the standard. 


BS EN 62305:2008 comprises four parts covering risk assessment, lightning protection zones, separation distances and level of internal and external protection required including the use of surge protection devices which must be installed to deal with transient over-voltages.


We are happy to offer advice and/or written reports on all types and scales of projects whether it be a new development or a historic listed property. 


We advise that a risk assessment be carried out to establish the need and requirements of a system.  This can take the form of a site survey to an existing building or via examining drawings. 

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